Armedix provides expert provider credentialing, enrollment, and primary source verification services that eliminate the ongoing, time-intensive process of ensuring your providers are able to accept payment from Medicare, Medicaid, and Commercial Insurance Carriers.

The importance of credentialing cannot be understated because, without accurate and timely completion of this process, providers will not be able to accept payment from government or private insurance companies. Medical practices, groups, and health systems that leverage Armedix’s Credentialing Service remove the administrative burden of first-time credentialing, enrollment, and primary source verification and the ongoing commitment with keeping these records up to date across the provider’s contracted payers.

Additional services include:

  • Setup and maintenance of contracts, licenses, policies and privileges
  • Payer registration
  • Contracting and enrollment services
  • Medical license maintenance

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By leaving all of this complexity to a firm that lives and breathes medical billing, you free yourself up to focus solely on medicine and patient service – all while ensuring that your billing is expertly handled.